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Products from the 2016 gift guide

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The 2016 Eater Gift Guide

Holiday gifts for food obsessives

Check out 2017's holiday gift guide right here.

It's that time of the year again: holiday giving season. And Eater's holiday gift guide is here to help; this year's guide is the only thing you need for the food enthusiasts in your life. It focuses on food and the kitchen, with all products tested by Eater editors. Below, check out the four categories — food, drink, home, and fun — as well as city-by-city recommendations and our 2016 cookbook guide.

Food: Edible gifts to give

A selection of pies from Goldbely

Drinks: What to buy for the beverage fanatic

Home: Take your kitchen to the next level

Succulent in cabbage-shaped planter

Fun: Things you never knew you needed

Fun phone case and "keychain

Cities: Guides with a focus on local gifts

Cookbooks: The best of 2016

Donate: Food charities and non-profits to know

Editors: Sonia Chopra, Matt Buchanan, Madeline Muzzi, Kendra Vaculin, Amanda Kludt
Writers: Tammie Teclemariam, Bill Addison, Amanda Kludt
Photography: Alex Ulreich
Special thanks: Helen Rosner, Hillary Dixler, Meghan McCarron, Esra Erol, Milly McGuinness, Mary Hough, Daniela Galarza, Joe Greenstein, Austin Pikulslki, Keenya Scott, Becca Farsace, Jackie Goldstein, Katie Nimick
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