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Sushi Burgers Are Fusion Gone Terribly, Terribly Wrong

And proof humanity can’t leave a good thing alone

Sushi burger @tamaki_0608

Like them or not, sushi burritos have emerged as one of the biggest food trends of the past few years, spreading from San Francisco to New York, Denver, Vegas, and beyond. Some argue that the term “sushi burrito” is a misnomer: Wrapped in sheets of nori rather than tortillas, these cylindrical bundles of rice and raw fish are really more akin to giant maki rolls.

Nonetheless, that hasn’t stopped a restaurant from taking the concept of repackaging sushi and running with it, to questionable results: A Tokyo restaurant called Sushiro is now serving a sushi burger, comprised of raw mackerel and sushi rice inexplicably shoved inside a burger bun, with a slathering of wasabi mayo to drive the point home.

Of course, the lack of a patty made from ground protein may make this more of a sushi sandwich than anything. Perhaps a better name for this disconcerting product of culinary fusion would be, as the blog Technabob points out, Filet-O-Raw-Fish — hopefully not coming soon to a McDonald’s near you.

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