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Inside La Belle Equipe, One Year After the Paris Attacks

A 360-degree look at a restaurant in recovery

La Belle Equipe in February 2015, prior to the terror attacks
La Belle Equipe/Facebook

It’s been one year since terror attacks in Paris killed 130 people. The New York Times went inside one of the restaurants targeted in the attacks, La Belle Equipe, for an immersive 360-degree video and a conversation with owner Grégory Reibenberg.

La Belle Equipe reopened back in March, making it the last of the restaurants targeted in the terror attacks to do so. While the restaurant kept its name, it’s been heavily renovated, with a new facade and a redesigned bar. Reibenberg told the Wall Street Journal, “I’ll be coming here with my 8-year-old daughter. I don’t want to be able to visualize what happened.”

Nineteen people were killed there on November 13, 2015 — including Reibenberg’s wife, Djamila Houd, and waitress Houda Saadi, who was celebrating her birthday with a group of friends.

A previous Associated Press report noted that this restaurant in particular has become “a symbol of multicultural France"; Reibenberg is Jewish, while his wife was Muslim, and the restaurant resides in the 11th Arrondissement, known for its religious and ethnic diversity. La Belle Equipe is now home to a memorial inscribed with the names of the 19 who died there.

In the days immediately following the attacks, a social media campaign was launched to encourage Parisians to dine out in defiance of terrorists who took aim at the city's iconic cafe culture, and restaurants encouraged patrons to dine together at communal tables.

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