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Oreo’s Newest Cookie Is a Candy Bar

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It’s a cookie in a chocolate shell

Oreo candy bar Oreo/Official

If Oreo, purveyor of the world’s most perfect chocolate sandwich cookie, ran for president it would win — Hydrox cookies be damned. Today, Oreo releases its newest concoction, something that may get cookie fans to head for the candy aisle: Oreo Chocolate Candy Bar and Oreo Big Crunch Bar hit shelves today and will be sold nearly everywhere candy bars can be found (near check-out counters, in grocery store candy aisles) by January 2017.

The cookie-candy bar concept isn’t new (Twix, Hershey’s Cookies and Cream), but this is the first time Oreo fans will find Oreo cookies inside of a candy bar. The new product is in partnership with Milka, originally a Swiss chocolate company that is now owned by Oreo’s parent company, Mondalez. Oreo’s new Chocolate Candy Bar (in 1.44-ounce (.98 cents); 2.88-ounce ($1.69); and 3.52-ounce sizes ($1.79)) is a layer of Oreo creme mixed with chocolate wafer bits and then enrobed in milk chocolate.

Oreo candy bar Oreo/Official

The Oreo Big Crunch Bar (10.5 ounces; meant to be shared; $4.99) is a solid layer of Oreo cookie sandwiched by Oreo creme (it’s like an inside-out Oreo!), coated on both sides with milk chocolate.

Oreo’s new candy bars hit Europe last year, and were a huge success, according to the company. So now they’ll be sold Stateside, too.

So what do they taste like? They are surprisingly addictive, almost like eating Oreo cookies with milk — almost. Somehow, despite all of the creme and milk chocolate, they aren’t too sweet and the cookie maintains its crunch.

On a scale of Swedish Fish Oreos (awful) to Oreo Churros (good) to the OG Oreo (perfection), this new Oreo product is pretty great and definitely worth a taste.

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