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Watch: Supersize Your Steamed Buns to Make a Bao-Rito

When it comes to baos, bigger is better

When it comes to baos, bigger is always better. This week on You Can Do This!, tips and tricks guru Clifford Endo turns his kitchen hack genius on the humble steamed bun, transforming it into the wrapping for a giant, super-charged bao-rito. Watch the video above to see how it's done.

Endo starts the recipe with a normal yeasted bao dough, which he allows to rise and kneads into smooth, airy perfection before seperating into bao-rito sized pieces. After cutting each rolled out piece to fit snugly within his slighty oiled steam basket, he places the whole thing over water in a hot pan and lets the heat work its magic. The result is a puffed-up, cooked-through, but still maleable bao bun that's the ideal shape to use in place of a tortilla in your bao-rito. Endo keeps his fillings traditional with cucumber, kimchi, and hoisin-braised beef, but once you have the bao down pat, the additions are up to you. To see a step-by-step visual of the bao-rito recipe, check out the episode above.

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