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Guy Fieri’s Mannequin Challenge Is Totally Out of Bounds

The latest internet craze heads to Flavortown

A scene from Guy Fieri's mannequin challenge. Guy Fieri/Facebook

The Mannequin Challenge officially has a stamp of approval from the world’s foremost kulinary kool dude. Guy Fieri has shared his own version of the viral sensation that’s taking the internet by storm. Fieri and the cast and crew of Guy’s Grocery Games took to the show’s set to produce one of the more elaborate Mannequin Challenge videos to date.

For those not in the know, participants in a Mannequin Challenge pose motionless in (hopefully) hilarious positions, creating a freeze-frame effect on film. (Come to think of it, "Freeze-Frame Challenge" would be a more accurate label for the meme.) The challenge has proven to be quite popular among sports teams at all levels, and now it appears to be working its way into the world of food.

Nearly five minutes of film winding through the Triple G set and backstage reveals such shenanigans as arm wrestling, an employee being placed under arrest, and a contestant losing a finger to a large cleaver. Really, it’s quite a production. Ever the showman, Fieri waits for the grand finale before finally making his own cameo. Watch how it all plays out in the video below.

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