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How to Replace Donald Trump’s Face With Cheeseburgers

Make Trump Burger Again

Make America Burger Again Eater/Screenshot

Republicans and Democrats alike are facing an uncertain four years ahead. One thing that is certain — and has legions of fans on either side of the political aisle — is burgers. And a new Chrome extension allows users to distract themselves for a moment by replacing photos of U.S. president-elect Donald Trump with hamburgers.

The "Make Trump Burger Again" extension promises to “replace images of Trump with delicious burgers.” It’s a product of Australian restaurant Mr. Burger, which tweeted on Friday that it was working to make the Internet great again:

Unfortunately, the exntesion isn’t fail-safe, as one reviewer notes. If an image doesn’t have the name “Trump” in its alternate text, for instance, the extension might not pick it up. In other words, some images of the blonde-and-orange politician will likely remain even if the extension is installed:

Still, those who aren’t fans of the new President can find at least a bit of comfort in seeing images of juicy burgers in the place of images of Trump eating mediocre burgers.

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