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Watch: Eating Wagyu Beef From Nose to Tail at This Meaty Omakase

Nick Solares sits down for one big carnivorous meal

The Meat Show is closing out its carnivorous tour of Japan with one final meal: a nose-to-tail Wagyu omakase at Yamagataya. Host and professional carnivore Nick Solares — along with All'Onda chef Chris Jaeckle and Yuko Suzuki, president of the Osaka-based food and beverage marketing company Musubi — sit at the restaurant's small chef's counter to sample seven courses of grilled cuts: from the ear, tongue, and heart to more traditional filet and skirt steak.

Solares' Wagyu-fueled Japanese adventure documented the beef production process from beginning to end. Watch all of the episodes in the series to see the trajectory in action: From the olive farms where the cattles' food is grown, to the Kawai Trading Co. meat distribution center, to the plates of fine dining establishments throughout the country. Though he sampled the high-end beef prepared a myriad of ways, nothing displays Wagyu's flavor and texture variety like this omakase meal. Watch the video above to learn more.

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