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The Next Round of Emoji Might Include Pie, Hummus

Looks tasty

Proposed pie emoji Unicode

We finally have the taco emoji. Bacon emoji will be here soon. It’s time to look to the future for the next wave of tiny food images. The Unicode Consortium has released its proposal for 51 new emoji, 14 of which fall in the realm of food and beverage.

The list of proposed food emoji is as follows:

  • Pie
  • Pretzel (also represents twisted, complicated)
  • Sandwich
  • Coconut
  • Salt shaker (salt)
  • Broccoli
  • Cabbage, lettuce
  • Leafy green (spinach, kale)
  • Hummus dip
  • Bagel (image unavailable; American Jewish culture, independent of religious culture)
  • Cup with straw (soda, drink, non-alcoholic, non-coffee/tea beverage)
  • Steak and pork chop (meat)
  • Cereal (breakfast, bowl, congee, granola, muesli, oatmeal, porridge)
  • Canned good (emergency supplies, long term preserved food)

Upon first glance, pretzel looks like the favorite to become the next food emoji crossover hit, especially considering its alternate meanings of "twisted" and "complicated." If you’re in a confusing relationship, prepare to hit that pretzel emoji as much as possible.

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