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Watch Anthony Bourdain Learn What It Takes to Become a Sushi Master

It's a tough road

Anthony Bourdain is heading back to Japan for the next episode of Parts Unknown. Chef Masa Takayama will take Bourdain on a culinary tour of the nation, making stops at outdoor food markets in Kanazawa and the famed Sushi Ko in Tokyo. In this preview, Bourdain explains the long and difficult road that is required to become a master sushi chef.

"Only in the third year, the rice," Bourdain says in the video. "And if you get that right, maybe, just maybe, eventually, the master will begin to teach you the next phase: how to stand next to him as a wakita, slicing the fish, eventually — eventually — creating pieces of nigiri for guests at the bar."

Not every aspiring apprentice has the skill — or patience — to become a master sushi chef. Those who do spend seven years learning the trade. Watch the video above to get an idea of what it takes.

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