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Watch: Seattle's Dutch Babies Are the Sweet, Savory Breakfast Food You Deserve

Popover-like pancakes? Yes, please

Welcome to the first episode of this season of Dining on a Dime: Seattle. For the next eight episodes, host Lucas Peterson will explore the great food in and around Washington's Seattle area. This first episode takes Peterson to the Tilikum Place Café in the Belltown neighborhood to try some of the shop's famous Dutch Baby pancakes.

Dutch Baby pancakes are a popover-like breakfast food inspired by the German Pfannkuchen. The invention of the Dutch Baby is commonly ascribed to Manca's Cafe, a Seattle restaurant that existed in the early 20th century. Dutch Babies can be sweet or savory, covered with different toppings, and are usually baked in a cast iron pan. Join Peterson while he samples different Dutch Babies at Tilikum Place Cafe.

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