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Here Comes a Movie About a Serial Killer Who Targets Pizza Delivery Guys

Chance the Rapper will star — as a werewolf, no less

Chance the Rapper/Facebook

Kanye West protégé Chance the Rapper is set to star in a new movie about pizza delivery guys. No, not that kind of movie — this one apparently involves a serial killer.

Set to premiere in the second half of 2017, the film “takes place in a mysterious city, and centers around an enigmatic outlaw framed for a killing spree that targets unsuspecting pizza delivery boys,” according to the Hollywood Reporter.

Of course, there’s only one title that could logically be bestowed on a movie about a pizza-loving(/hating?) serial killer: Slice.

Per AV Club, the rapper is said to be playing a character named Dax Lycander, “a werewolf who is a former Chinese food delivery driver,” which sounds about as campy as it gets. This is just begging to be shown on one of those ridiculous Pizza Hut boxes that transforms into a movie projector.

Chance the Actor announced the project in a tweet yesterday, complete with a rather cryptic video:

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