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Watch: Where Is Dining On a Dime Headed Next?

Host Lucas Peterson embarks on a culinary tour of a brand new city

Dining on a Dime — Eater's beloved cheap eats series hosted by the inimitable Lucas Peterson — returns next week for the start of its seventh season, taking a brand new city (and all of its best inexpensive meals) by storm. Where is Peterson heading? Watch the trailer above to find out.

Season seven is bursting with unexpected settings and local favorites alike. From teriyaki and doughnuts inside a functional laundromat, to the best produce and seafood markets the city has to offer, to a rare Dining on a Dime breakfast excursion (this time for fully loaded Dutch babies), it's a culinary whirlwind tour of Seattle that's not to be missed. Before season seven begins next Tuesday, get caught up on all of DOD's back catalogue, especially Peterson's tour of the multicultural neighborhoods of Toronto throughout season six, here.

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