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Shake Shack's Michelin Star Burger; A Historic Cocktail Hoax

Four things to know today

Shake Shack's Den Burger
Shake Shack

T-minus one week till Election Day, and there’s much more to think about than just Trump vs. Clinton. Here’s a comprehensive look at all the food policy issues at stake this year, from the presidential level down to state ballot measures (including proposed minimum wage increases in several states).

In today’s food news: the Butterball turkey help line steps firmly into the 21st century; a historical cocktail turns out to be a hoax; Shake Shack’s new Michelin-starred burger; and bomb-sniffing spinach may soon be a reality.

— For 35 years, the Butterball Turkey Talk-Line has offered holiday cooking advice for confused home cooks. This year, for the very first time, it will offer support via text message — a dream come true for millennials who would rather die than actually talk on the phone. They’ll begin taking questions via text on November 17.

— A famous pre-Prohibition cocktail has turned out to be a complete fabrication. The Seelbach cocktail, made with bourbon and Champagne, was said to have been accidentally invented at a Louisville hotel bar when a manhattan and a Champagne cocktail were spilled — but now the bartender responsible for “reviving” it has admitted he made the whole thing up.

— Shake Shack Japan has teamed up with a two-Michelin-starred chef for a fancy limited-edition burger: A collaboration with chef Zaiyu Hasegawa of Tokyo’s Jimbocho Den, the Den Shack is topped with bacon, red miso, and marinated cucumbers.

— Strange but true: Spinach can be engineered to detect explosives. Bomb-sniffing dogs may need to seek out new careers soon.

Does In-N-Out or Shake Shack Make a Better Burger?