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LA Darling Sqirl Dressed Up as Shake Shack for Halloween

Would you like crinkle fries with that ricotta toast?


What did you dress up as for Halloween this year? Oh, a cat for the fifth year in a row? That’s nice. Los Angeles sensation Sqirl, beloved for its fancy toast and decidedly California vibe, went as another, very different beloved restaurant: Shake Shack.

Finding Sqirl employees behind the counter dressed in the burger chain’s signature black-and-green shirts and hats may have been a tad confusing for customers: Were their sorrel pesto rice bowls going to come garnished with a dollop of Shack sauce?

Thankfully, this Halloween masquerade didn’t extend to the food, though a Shake Shack-Sqirl mashup does exist: The West Hollywood Shack serves a concrete called the Rainbow Connection that features Sqirl’s famous jam and locally made doughnuts.

While perhaps not as ambitious as the Queens Burger King that draped itself with a giant sheet and pretended to be the ghost of McDonald’s, Jessica Koslow’s hotter-than-hot spot gets props for not taking itself too seriously.

@shakeshack for Halloweeeeeen

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