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Of Course People Are Selling Free Luke's Diner Cups for $99

Have we reached peak Gilmore insanity?

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R. Lopez via Eater DC

Thousands of Gilmore Girls uber fans descended on cafes across North America yesterday looking for free coffee from a pop-up version of the series’ iconic corner restaurant Luke’s Diner. The event was in honor of the 16th anniversary celebration of the beloved family drama orchestrated by Netflix in advance of its anticipated revival, Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life. For the day, barista’s donned plaid shirts, Luke’s aprons, and hats while customers posed for pictures with Gilmore-branded coffee cups and sleeves.

Now, as the Luke’s pop-up mayhem subsides, these disposable cardboard mementos and swag are starting to appear on Ebay. Take, for example, this “rare” Luke’s Diner coffee cup and sleeve. For a mere $99.99 a fan or collector could acquire it for their very own. Variations of these paper Gilmore quote-bearing cups and Luke’s sleeves, both paired together and separately, are now for sale on the site with prices generally ranging from $5 to $60. A sleeve purportedly featuring the signature of actor Scott Patterson who plays Luke himself and appeared at a Beverly Hills pop-up in Los Angeles is up for $53.


If purchasing what could be retrieved from any number of garbage cans around the U.S. today sounds insane (and it is), there’s always the apron route. At least one blue Luke’s Apron has popped up online for $250. “The apron is a polyester cotton blend,” advertises the seller, and features “two spacious front pockets.” The “drawstrings in the back allow you to adjust the width and fit of the apron.”


Alas, no Luke cutouts or diner signage are available thus far. Though fans that felt left out of the fun yesterday can always relive the magic by rifling through their local coffee shop’s dumpster like Rory Gilmore herself.

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