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Watch: Alton Brown’s Tour Diary Is Full of Drones and Selfies

Behind the scenes at the culinary superstar’s live show

Alton Brown — the kitchen geek behind one of the Food Network’s all-time best shows, Good Eats; author of eight cookbooks; host of the mischievous game show Cutthroat Kitchen; and all-around culinary superstar — embarked on an adventure in 2011 that no food personality had dared tackle before: front-manning a live touring show. This year marked Brown's third on the road, and for one day, Eater's video team got to to tag along.

When "Alton Brown Live: Eat Your Science" rolled into Providence, Rhode Island, Eater's crews got a peek behind the scenes — from the tour bus to the coffee breaks to the hoards of adoring fans. Check out the video above to see part one of five of this limited time series, to get a look at how Brown and the "Eat Your Science" team use drones and social media to help sell tickets.

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