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Watch: Coffee Culture in Phoenix Is Booming

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"There's this subculture of people that really like quality."

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Third wave coffee culture is becoming big business across the country as evidenced by the fast-expanding cafe empires of specialty roasters like San Francisco's Blue Bottle and Chicago's Intelligentsia. Smaller cities, too, are following in their footsteps, introducing customers to different preparations and flavors for their morning brew.

In this video, Bite co-founder Mark Lipczynski explores the growth of the third-wave movement in Phoenix, Arizona. Speaking with coffee professionals such as Michelle Johnson of Be Coffee, Kelley Ehley of Ocotillo Coffee Bar, and Cartel Coffee Lab's Daniel Noffsinger, Lipczynski discusses coffee culture in Phoenix, complex racial issues in the industry, and the role cafe's are taking in introducing the public to a new way of drinking coffee.

"I think there's this subculture of people that really like quality," says Ehley. "Now more than ever people are really wanting to find how to replicate great coffee at home and I think that's really fun too, educating people that they can make a great cup of coffee outside of the coffee shop." Learn more about Phoenix's coffee boom in the video above.

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