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Hello Kitty Wine Is Here and It’s a Sparkling Rose, of Course

So pink, so bubbly

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Torti Wines

An Italian winery has partnered with Sanrio to bring the most-beloved Hello Kitty together with quite possibly the most Hello Kitty drink of all: sparkling rosé. The Japanese company teamed up with Torti Wines to produce a full array of themed varietals, complete with iconic branding, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Torti has reportedly been allotting grapes for this project since 2007, and it has now unveiled the full lineup of offerings. Here’s a breakdown of the Hello Kitty-inspired wines in the collection:

  • Sweet Pink: Sparkling rosé, pairs with fruits, sweets, and desserts.
  • Cupido: Sparkling white wine, pairs with seafoods.
  • Rosé: Another sparkling rosé, tinged pink (of course), pairs with fish.
  • Rosè Collection: Also pink, also sparkling, draped in a Hello Kitty pendant.
  • Charmy: White, non-sparkling wine, pairs with fish and pasta.
  • Lady: Red, pairs with meat and cheeses.

For now, the wines are available by the bottle and glass at Antonello Ristorante in Santa Ana, and customers can purchase bottles to go. The restaurant has three wines available: sparkling brut, sparkling rose, and Sweet Pink. An online retailer linked to the vineyard has apparently sold out of stock.

Since 1974, when Hello Kitty came to life, the character has inspired loyal fans far and wide. It’s gained plenty of traction in the food world, with themed cafes, an exceptionally pink Hello Kitty truck that served mini cakes and macaroons, and more.

Update, 10/6: This story has been updated to reflect details about Antonello Ristorante's supply of Hello Kitty wine and its location.

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