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Taco Bell to Transform Into Airbnb for One Salsa-Drenched Night Only

The fast food chain is taking room service to a whole new level

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It’s been said that some of Taco Bell’s menu items are the size of toddlers; Crunchwraps are so large they could stand in for pillows. And perhaps that was the point all along, as the fast food chain will soon be taking room service to a whole new level with a Taco Bell Airbnb.

The stunt is part of the launch of the chain’s newest item (available in Canada): the Steak Doubledilla. Unfortunately for U.S.-based superfans without passports, the “SteakCation” is located in Chatham, Ontario.

Entries are now being accepted via Airbnb, and the contest closes on October 11. The winning participant will get to stay overnight, with three friends, in a fully transformed Canada Taco Bell for one night only: October 18.

According to its Airbnb listing, the store has been outfitted to look more like a dorm room, complete with two sets of bunkbeds, video games, movies, and plenty of Steak Doubledillas: quesadillas stuffed with twice the steak, plus jalapeño sauce.

Luxury? Not exactly, though the room also comes with a “Taco Bell Butler.”

It sounds cool enough, though it’s worth noting that some fans have been finding commonalities between Airbnb listings and Taco Bells before it was even an official thing:

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