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Watch Mario Batali Pour Wine All Over Jimmy Fallon

All in the name of wine tasting

Mario Batali is known for many things: chiefly, flowing locks of red hair, orange Crocs, and some major skills in the kitchen. Do those culinary skills extend to wine tasting, though? On Monday's episode of The Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon decided to find out. He blindfolded the chef (who said he was "not a wine snob") to see if he could distinguish between expensive wine and grocery store-quality boxed wine.

Fallon was blindfolded, too, so the tasting quickly devolved into a game of "Let's see how much wine we can pour on Jimmy." Spoiler alert: Batali managed to get an entire mug full of the stuff on Jimmy's face and suit, and it's unclear if he was able to identify the more expensive wine.

On the upside, it appears Batali is more skilled at swilling wine than he is at game shows.

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