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Watch: Nick Solares Discovers the Best Wagyu Dishes in Japan

With sukiyaki broth, in sushi rolls, and more

This week, The Meat Show host and professional carnivore Nick Solares continues his travels through Japan, sampling the best and most meaty dishes that the nation has to offer. Particularly of note during his travels were all the many forms of Wagyu beef on offer, from high-end restaurant menus to train lunch offerings and everything in between. In the video above, watch a roundup of Solares' top nine favorite Wagyu preparations.

Wagyu beef — the meat from a number of cattle breeds known for their serious fat content, superior quality, and high price tag — is prepared a myriad of ways all across Japan. From the thinly sliced variety served with sukiyaki broth, to the type minced and stuffed into sushi rolls, to the very nearly raw strips billed as "Wagyu sashimi," the beef is endlessly versatile and not to be missed.

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