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Please Dress Your Kid Up as Gordon Ramsay This Halloween

Minus all the swearing


Want to dress your kid like the world’s highest-paid chef for Halloween this year? Of course you do. Sure they would probably rather go as a Pokémon trainer or one of the characters from Suicide Squad, but just remind them who pays all the bills.

To properly outfit your offspring as the expletive-hurling chef, you will need: one pint-sized chef coat; a blonde wig, unless said child is already blessed with perfectly mussed flaxen tresses; and a big-ass (plastic!) chef’s knife. Important: Draw some lines on the child’s face with eyeliner to mimic the wrinkles Ramsay’s developed from years of yelling at people on television.

Unless your kid already looks like Gordon Ramsay, that is, in which case no costume is required:

Major bonus points if your kid actually wears the costume to trick-or-treat at Gordon Ramsay’s house. The chef recently ranked the worst types of Halloween candy for Jimmy Kimmel Live, comparing candy corn to “ear wax formed in the shape of a rotten tooth” — so presumably he won’t be handing out any of that this year.

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