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NASA’s Got Serious Pumpkin Carving Skills

Five things to know today


Happy Halloween. If you procrastinated on that whole costume thing, fret not: Here are nine last-minute costume ideas, from Mario Batali and Anthony Bourdain to Ina and Jeffrey Garten (the latter of which will almost surely nab you the best couples costume prize) and even a ghastly tribute to the Great British Bake Off.

In today’s food news: NASA’s got serious pumpkin carving skills; check your pantry for recalled Oreos; Roadfood makes it to the Smithsonian; and a decade of shoving strange objects into blenders.

— Take heed: Oreo Fudge Cremes (those are the fancy chocolate-covered versions) are being recalled. The culprit? “Undeclared milk.” If you have a milk allergy, return them for a refund; otherwise, enjoy dunking them into additional milk and eating with wild abandon.

— Remember the infomercial where a guy stuffs golf clubs into a blender? Today marks the 10th anniversary of the Blendtec “Will It Blend?’ videos, which now reside on YouTube and rack up hundreds of thousands of views. And now, enjoy this video of a selfie stick being shoved into a blender:

— The Smithsonian is ramping up its collection of food and restaurant memorabilia thanks to Roadfood founders Jane and Michael Stern. The institute dug deep into the Sterns’ archives “to preserve artifacts from a disappearing slice of Americana,” such as old menus and records of rare foods that no longer exist.

— The folks at NASA put your pumpkin carving skills to shame with their annual contest. This year’s most impressive entries include a giant meteor, a crazy swinging carousel, and uh, whatever this is:

— And now, presented without comment, the Russian president riding shirtless on a beloved American snack food:

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