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Watch Chef Ludo Lefebvre and His Adorable Son Make an Omelet


Chef Ludo Lefebvre, star of the newest season of The Mind of a Chef, typically gives off a pretty macho vibe. But, as this video proves, he has a softer side too. Lefebvre heads into the kitchen with his young son Luca to prepare a French classic: the omelet.

Luca Lefebvre is short on experience, but he already appears to be a chip off the old block. Ludo coaches his son through the process, but Luca knows what he's doing. He's on the money when he finishes the omelet with a little extra butter, and when his dad asks for the reasoning behind that move, he's quick with the correct answer.

"Because, butter tastes good," Luca declares.

Watch the video above and try to keep your heart from melting as father and son bond over eggs.

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