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Watch: Robots and Humans Work Together to Make and Deliver Pizza

Silicon Valley has everything

Food delivery disruption is a tentpole of Silicon Valley at this point, but one company is taking the mechanized system of on-demand mealtime one step further. Zume Pizza, a new enterprise out of Mountain View, California, is peddling pizzas made almost entirely by robots, delivered to your door by a truck that is essentially an oven on wheels.

Zume's pizza robots — which all have names, like Marta, Jojo, and Pepe — are responsible for constructing each of the orders that are placed through the company's mobile app. Then, to eliminate the soggifying carboard box transport time associated with traditional pizza delivery, Zume slides the uncooked pizzas into one of their truck's 56 ovens, so the pies are cooked while on their trip to your house, and kept warm and fresh until the very last moment. Watch the pizza-making and delivery process in the video above, and read more about Zume on Eater SF.

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