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Obama’s BFF Anthony Bourdain Would Never, Ever Dine with Donald Trump

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The television host calls Trump “loathsome”

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Though he recently slurped noodles alongside President Obama, Anthony Bourdain isn’t ready to cozy up to the brashest political star in media just yet. When asked whether he’d dine with Donald Trump, the Parts Unknown host offered an emphatic answer: “Absolutely f—ing not.”

Bourdain told TheWrap: “I’ve been a New Yorker most of my life, [and] for better or worse Mr. Trump is a New Yorker. We know him well here. We’ve watched how he does business and we’ve watched him say things and then we’ve seen whether or not he did those things, we have seen how he treats the people he does business with. I would give the same answer that I would have given 10 years ago, when he was just as loathsome.”

It’s doubtful Trump would even be comfortable eating in the sorts of establishments Bourdain frequents, as the Republican Presidential nominee isn’t exactly known for his refined culinary tastes. Not only does Trump prefer eating at fast food restaurants because “at least you know what’s in it,” he apparently has a penchant for steaks cooked well-done — an abomination, according to Bourdain. Plus, Trump refuses to eat with his hands; meanwhile Bourdain uses his digits on his food in almost every episode of his show.

Bourdain has joked in the past that he’d like to dine with Trump, only to watch him “struggle with chopsticks and eat a well done f---ing steak.”

The world-traveling TV host has also not minced words when it comes to Trump’s stance on immigration, arguing that if Trump were to win the presidency and deport 11 million illegal immigrants, "every restaurant in America would shut down.”

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