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Watch: One Tip to Seriously Up Your Ice Cream-Making Game

It's all in the aging

It's Sweets Week at Eater, which means cakes, pies, candy, treats — heck, even the entire dessert menu — abound all across the site. It's a sugar lover's paradise around here, and the party isn't stopping just because it's Friday evening. Our friends at ChefSteps are in on theme as well, presenting one tip that will crank any home cook's ice cream-making game up to 11.

ChefSteps is a food and technology company, so the reasoning behind its ice cream strategy is firmly based in science. As co-founder Grant Crilly explains, after creating your ideal ice cream base, the path to frozen, creamy perfection lies in letting the mixture age slightly in your refrigerator before churning. Time permits the fat in your ice cream base to crystalize, creating more space for air pockets to form, which yields a smoother, more scoopable final product. Watch the video above for an illustration of how to process works, and then employ the tactic, using any of the ice cream recipes available at

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