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Chipotle’s New Burger Concept Tasty Made Is Getting ‘Meh’ Reviews

The internet hath spoken

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Chipotle opened the first location of its new burger concept, Tasty Made, this week in Lancaster, Ohio. Though it’s only been serving the public for less than 48 hours, diners have already taken to social media to share their experiences. So far, most reviews stick to the same theme — that Tasty Made is, in a word, "meh."

The menu at Tasty Made is incredibly simple, with just hamburgers, cheeseburgers, fries, shakes, and something called "Tasty Bacon Sauce," which is apparently a condiment for fries. In true Chipotle fashion, the food comes with a side of integrity, with the chain serving "Responsibly Raised brand beef (from animals that are raised in more humane ways and without the use of antibiotics or added hormones)" and "shakes made with real ingredients."

That commitment to integrity doesn’t necessarily translate to tasty food, however. The only Yelp review so far comes from a diner who gave the burger joint three stars, writing that it has potential, "but some improvements need to be made."

Others have posted their reactions on Twitter, where one user said the new concept did "not live up to the Chipotle brand," citing thin, undercooked beef patties and skimpy milkshakes.

Others have noted the restaurant’s similarities to another burger chain — In-N-Out Burger — though it’s worth noting that’s not the only chain that some say Tasty Made resembles.

Another Instagram reviewer shared a similarly mediocre review, noting the price was "more expensive than McDonald's, but less expensive than Five Guys," but the experience was underwhelming. "I would rather pay the extra couple dollars for a burger and fries at Five Guys, 'cause you get so much more food for your money there," he wrote.

*food review ahead* Daniel and I tried @tastymade today-- the first Chipotle owner burger joint in the country! Crazy that it's in Lancaster, OH of all places... right? • Anyways, we weren't too impressed... but it's probably because we had high expectations. We went through the drive thru, but the inside looks beautiful! Best way to compare Tasty Made price wise-- It's more expensive than McDonald's, but less expensive than Five Guys. (But we did get the most expensive burger, so that price comparison could vary based on what you normally order at those places.) We got two double tasty made burgers w/ fries, two sides of the tasty bacon sauce, and two buckeye milkshakes for $25. We went all out! But, I feel like it was expensive for what we got. The burger was good ($6 each) and so was the milkshake ($4 each) but the milkshake was very small (they offer one size so we didn't know how big it'd be). We also got skimped on the fries($2 each), and they were cold. I would rather pay the extra couple dollars for a burger & fries at Five Guys, cause you get so much more food for your money there. But hey that's my opinion! Try it for yourself & maybe you'll think otherwise! Today was their grand opening, so maybe they'll improve with time. • So final consensus-- It was good food, I just thought it was overpriced. The workers were super nice, the wait wasn't long, and the milkshake was very yummy. #TastyMade #ChipotlesBurgerJoint #Lancaster #LANCASTEROH

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Other social media users have used words such as "fine" and "okay" to describe their Tasty Made experiences.

Still, some seem to enjoy Tasty Made, though it hasn’t elicited too many rave reviews just yet.

We were one of the first customers at the very first #tastymade Good stuff!

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#cheatday #tastymade

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Perhaps Tasty Made will work out the kinks before it opens a second location, which is apparently already targeting a December or January debut at another address in Lancaster.

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