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Ina Garten Schools Seth Meyers on How to Make a Cheese Plate

There may have been some cocktails involved, too

Ina Garten, the master of button-up shirts, easy Hamptons living, and best-selling cookbooks, is the kind of woman who knows how to throw a party. So you better believe she can assemble a perfect cheese plate in mere minutes.

On Thursday night's episode of Late Night With Seth Meyers, she did exactly that — schooling the comedian with her knowledge of cheese and even throwing out a solid sex joke. Garten, who was on the show to promote her new cookbook Cooking for Jeffrey, joked that cooking for a partner was like sex in the sense that you don't want to do it unless you're really in love with the person.

Garten and Meyers started things off the proper way — with cocktails (an aperol spritz from her cookbook, of course) — before making spiced pecans, arranging fig leaves, and even having some fun at Jeffrey's expense.