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How to Find (and Eat) the Best Pies in Your Neighborhood

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Here now, Eater editors point you to pies that define the genre — city-by-city

Snickers pie from Ooh La La Dessert Boutique in Houston
Snickers pie from Ooh La La Dessert Boutique in Houston
Kimberly Parks

Cronut artist Dominqiue Ansel tinkers with it. Rapper Sean "Diddy" Combs eats it on his birthdays. And Eater critic Bill Addison can't seem to get enough of it. Yes that's right: pie. Now — just in time for the holidays — Eater editors across the contintent have culled through their local restaurants, specialists, and bakeries to discern the most delicious pies for you to eat right now.

The art of this dessert has been continually perfected since it first showed up in America centuries ago. The pies below prove it, and each city-specific list runs the gamut. There are iconic old school creations like the Boston cream pie from Omni Parker House in Boston and the classic southern buttermilk pie from Hominy Grill in Charleston. There are also custom creations with cult followings, like the butterscotch meringue pie from Bang Bang Pie & Biscuits in Chicago, and the fried pumpkin hand pie from Baker's Ribs in Dallas. Whether you're into fruit pies, chocolate pies, meringue pies, or mini pies, there's something here for you.

Click your city of interest below to find the greatest version(s) nearby and please give a holler if your favorite pie isn't listed.

Cherry pie from Sister Pie, Detroit. [Photo: Bill Addison for Eater]

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