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NY Burger King Trolls McDonald’s With Ghostly Halloween Costume

Dressing an entire building up takes some serious effort

Burger King

As far as Halloween costumes go, the old bedsheet ghost is about as low-lift as they come. Unless you’re dressing up an entire fast-food restaurant, that is.

A Burger King in Queens, New York is engaging in some very festive trolling of its arch-rival McDonald’s this Halloween, as Business Insider reports. The building has been artfully draped with a huge white sheet complete with spooky orange eyes to transform it into a gigantic ghost — a ghost whose name is, apparently, McDonald’s. But lest customers be fooled by the disguise, the restaurant’s sign explains, “Just kidding, we still flame grill our burgers.”

While this may not quite fit our definition of a “sick burn,” you have to applaud them for the sheer effort it must’ve taken to drape a sheet that large on top of a building. Maybe next year, management can dress the restaurant up as a sexy pizza rat instead?

Watch the Whopper-slinging apparition in action, below:

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