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Quit Trying to Make Dessert Potato Chips Happen

Five things to know today

Three cans of dessert-flavored Pringles. Pringles

Happy Tuesday. Pringles has unveiled its newest flavor, Sugar Cookie, and I have some questions. Namely: Who asked for this? Was it you? These cookie-flavored chips are a depressing compromise between what is arguably already the worst potato chip (face it, Pringles are the instant mashed potatoes of the chip world) and the most boring cookie on the planet. This may be the greatest travesty to hit the snack aisle since Lay’s terrible Cappuccino chips. Please, I beg of you, quit trying to make dessert potato chips happen.

In more food news today: The future of cooking shows may involve meal kits; the newest restaurant project from a Noma alum; Alton Brown has some explaining to do; and Anthony Bourdain’s tour memorabilia is quite meaty.

— Is livestreaming the future of cooking shows? Maybe so. The latest development on this new frontier: the ability to order corresponding meal kits ahead of time, so you can cook along with the host without even going to the grocery store. What a boon for lazy-yet-ambitious home cooks.

— Like many cookbooks, Alton Brown’s recently released EveryDayCook contained a few mistakes; thankfully, he’s now offering a list of corrections. (Most notably, that fondue recipe should call for 84 grams of half and half, not 84 ounces. Whoops.)

— Brace for another restaurant from a Noma alum: Mads Refslund, one of the Copenhagen sensation’s founding chefs, has a new project in the works for Williamsburg, and it sounds ... unusual. Called Fire and Ice, it will feature an indoor bonfire and a giant iceberg serving as a raw bar.

— Anthony Bourdain’s currently in the midst of his latest speaking tour, The Hunger, and naturally, there are posters and t-shirts to commemorate it. Why yes, you probably do need a shirt featuring a cartoon Bourdain and a bunch of cured meats: