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The New Dos Equis Pitchman Is a Sword-Swinging, Football-Kicking Heartthrob

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A Most Interesting Man for a younger generation

Nobody wants to think about growing old. Nobody wants to think about AARP and incontinence and soft foods and The Big Sleep. When bros are sitting around sharing a few cold ones and good cheer, nobody wants to laugh about the most interesting beer mascot in the world and think, "Gee, that guy looks like Grandpa now. I am getting older. I'll look like Grandpa someday sooner than I think." That doesn't lead to the good times. That's when everyone goes home early.

Anyway, Dos Equis has a new pitchman. The old Most Interesting Man in the World was beginning to look just that: old. So the beer company launched him into space and found another, younger, equally worldly Most Interesting Man. He doesn't look like Grandpa. He looks more like your uncle who is maybe 10 or 15 years younger than your dad. He's still spry. Kicking footballs, swinging samurai swords, racing airboats: These are the pastimes he enjoys on the weekends. He's here to sell you beer.

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