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Which Girl Scout Cookies Would Make the Best Cereal?

A definitive ranking

Stacked boxes of Girl Scout cookies. Flickr/jayjayoh

As if anyone needs help rationalizing dessert for breakfast, the Girl Scouts are transforming some of their iconic cookies into cereals. There are already plans for Thin Mint and Caramel Crunch (inspired by the Samoa) varieties, according to sweets-obsessed Instagram account Candy Hunting.

Thin Mints cereal

Caramel Crunch cereal

But what if the Girl Scouts didn’t make any changes to their cookies? Which would be best in a bowl of milk. Below, a comprehensive ranking.

Thin Mints

The best Girl Scout cookie (don’t let anyone tell you otherwise) also translates into the best Girl Scout cookie cereal. A thin wafer coated in chocolate will keep its integrity when submerged in liquid better than any other GSC. And the remaining minty, chocolatey milk at the end of the bowl would be reason enough to stock this in your pantry.

Girl Scout S’Mores

The Girl Scouts’ official website lists two varieties of the S’mores cookie: one that is coated in chocolate and another in sandwich form. The former feels like the better bet for breakfast, since the chocolate coating would protect the inner graham cracker from getting too soggy.


So here’s the thing: Serve most Girl Scout cookies as cereal, and you’re going to have a mess on your hands. Thin Mints would be good, and those chocolate-covered S’mores might be OK, but the remaining options aren’t too inspiring.

With that in mind, Trios check in at No. 3 because they contain oatmeal — already a breakfast food — and are studded with chocolate chips. Squint hard enough, ‘80s and ‘90s kids, and they might remind you of the iconic Cookie Crisp.


Another oatmeal-forward option, these are comprised of two cookies sandwiching a layer of peanut butter. They’re probably going to get soggy in a hurry, and they’re certain to leave quite a bit of sediment at the bottom of your bowl.


Hm. Tagalongs cereal is a nice idea, but on second thought, chocolate-coated peanut butter surrounded with milk sounds like a textural nightmare. You’re better off dumping this in a blender and consuming it as a sort of milkshake.


This is unappealing. Samoas are fine in the flavor department — caramel, coconut, and chocolate; don’t mind if i do — but the texture is bad, and they’re not fun to eat. The thought of them as cereal leaves the roof of my mouth feeling irritated.


Full disclosure: I’ve never heard of these. Apparently, they’re comprised of shortbread with a layer of fudge on the bottom, and there’s a "thank you" message on top. A shortbread cooking is going to dissolve with speed in milk. No thanks.


Butter cookies won’t stand up to a milk bath any better than shortbread. Toffee is a nice flavor, though.


Plain shortbread cookies. That these don’t rank at the bottom of the list is more of an indictment on the remaining contenders than praise for the Girl Scouts’ blandest offering.


Lemon cookies are good. Lemon cereal is almost non-existent. There must be a reason.

Savannah Smiles

Another lemon cookie, this time covered in chalky powdered sugar. Nah.

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