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LeBron James Magically Conjures Up a Semi-Truck Full of Ice Cream

It’s good to be the King

LeBron James Getty Images

LeBron James is no magician, but he can conjure up a semi-truck full of ice cream simply by uttering a few words. (No, really.)

Cleveland is playing host to an unprecedented double-header on Tuesday night, as the Cavaliers will be presented with their 2016 NBA championship rings at Quicken Loans Arena; meanwhile next door at Progressive Field, the Indians will kick off Game 1 of the World Series against the Chicago Cubs.

Asked last week if there were anything that could possibly make the night better, James jokingly said, “I don't know, having an ice cream truck outside both arenas at the same time as well — icing on the cake.”

And King James said let there be free ice cream, and it was so: Today, ice cream company Blue Bunny (not to be confused with the listeria-stricken Blue Bell) announced it will hand out free ice cream to sports fans outside both arenas on Tuesday night.

In a press release announcing the promotion, Blue Bunny said it “read James’ thoughts” about what could further enhance Cleveland’s big night and seized the opportunity to join the momentous occasion. (Unfortunately Blue Bunny’s clairvoyant abilities don’t seem to extend to non-basketball stars; I wished for an ice cream sandwich 45 minutes ago and it has yet to appear.)

It’s pretty genius marketing on the company’s part, though: For only the price of a tractor-trailer full of ice cream, countless fans will associate the Blue Bunny name with LeBron’s greatness — something that few businesses can otherwise afford: He’s currently the highest-paid player in the league, raking in nearly $50 million in endorsements annually from companies like Nike, Samsung, Dunkin’ Donuts, and Coca-Cola.

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