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Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Are Ditching the Wine Biz

That bottle of Jolie-Pitt rosé in your fridge may soon be a collector’s item

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Who will get the vineyard in the Brad Pitt-Angelina Jolie split? No one, it seems. Jolie filed for divorce late last month, spawning a thousand juicy tabloid headlines — and now, according to Us Weekly, the estranged couple is putting their French wine estate on the market.

Though they began leasing the Provence estate, known as Chateau Miraval, back in 2008, Brangelina didn’t officially enter the wine business until 2013, when they partnered with the renowned Perrin wine family to produce a 2012 Miraval Rosé branded with the Jolie-Pitt name. They also went on to produce two varieties of white wine, all retailing at around $20 a bottle.

Reviews from wine pros were mixed: Their rosé got high marks from Wine Spectator, but at least one somm deemed Miraval’s 2010 white blend “fart wine.” Miraval wines will continue to be produced, but will no longer bear the “Jolie-Pitt” inscription on the label.

In the meantime, that bottle of Brangelina rosé hiding out in the back of your wine fridge could fetch a tidy profit: A number of bottles of the 2012 Rosé have fetched around $150 on eBay in recent weeks. (There are currently several listings with Buy-It-Now prices as high as $1,000 per bottle, but so far no one’s biting.)

But it’s no wonder the couple wants to sell the estate, which they paid an estimated $60 million for: It’s where they were wed in 2014, and the chateau’s 35 (yes, thirty-five) rooms will no doubt be haunted by the ghost of failed celebrity relationships for years to come. Prospective buyers, take note: The 1,200-acre property also includes olive groves and a moat.

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