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KFC Hit With $20M Lawsuit Alleging Chain Underfills Chicken Buckets

The customer says she paid $20 and got a half-filled container

KFC To Stop Using Trans Fats Photo Illustration by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

A Kentucky Fried Chicken customer in New York is frying up a fresh batch of controversy this week after filing a massive $20 million lawsuit against the chain for false advertising. According to the New York Post, the plaintiff Anna Wurtzburger alleges that the chain’s $20 buckets are underfilled compared to company’s the overflowing fried chicken bucket ads.

The 64-year-old tells TMZ she felt cheated after ordering one of the “Family Fill Up” deals seen on TV and discovering it contained a mere eight pieces of chicken. “I came home and said, ‘Where’s the chicken?’ I thought I was going to have a couple of meals,” Wurtzburger says. “They’re showing a bucket that’s overflowing with chicken,” and “you get half a bucket. That’s false advertising, and it doesn’t feed the whole family. They’re small pieces.”

Wurtzburger says she first contacted KFC’s headquarters and claims a rep tried sending her two gift certificates. She’s since returned them and hired a lawyer. Company representatives say the lawsuit is without merit and are asking the court to drop the case.

The underfilling lawsuit rings similar to one filed against Starbucks earlier this year. A federal court judge ruled this summer that the plaintiffs may pursue that case.

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