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A Food Truck Serving ‘Donald Trump’s BS’ Is Popping Up in Portland

Baloney sandwiches, that is

The state of Oregon hasn’t voted for a Republican presidential nominee since Ronald Reagan was running for a second term. So, it’s no surprise residents of Portland, which leans even further to the left than the rest of the state, aren’t too keen on Donald Trump’s candidacy. What’s a local advertising agency to do when it hopes to gain some attention from the ultra-liberal denizens of the Rose City? How about a food truck that takes direct aim at the foul-mouthed, full-of-it GOP contender? That should do the trick.

Behold: Donald Trump’s BS.

"With 18-days to go and our fate in the hands of American voters, a new food truck has arrived in the mecca of food cart culture to serve sandwiches to the people, with a healthy dose of factual information," ad agency Wieden+Kennedy explained to Oregon Live. The "BS" stands for "baloney sandwiches," of course, which makes this whole thing work nicely on two levels. Did you know, "BS" and "baloney" are both euphemisms for "a lie"? Look it up.

The marketing stunt — though what, exactly, is it marketing? — set up shop in Portland’s Pioneer Courthouse Square on Friday, and it will continue serving free baloney sandwiches on Saturday. Five items are listed on the menu, but the differences among them aren’t really clear. (Incidentally, if the truck served baloney and mayo on Wonder Bread, America’s last Republican president would come running.)

#trumpservesbs classic satire. Weird days here in the 'ole USA

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As for Trump himself, who knows whether he would enjoy the truck’s delicacies? One would think baloney aligns with the ex-reality TV host’s love of processed foods, but sandwiches traditionally fall in the realm of handheld cuisine, which is most un-Trumpian. Call it a pick ‘em.

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