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Watch: How to Make Slow-Cooked, 'Smoked' Ribs in Your Kitchen

So tender and flavorful, you won’t miss the smoker

Smoked ribs are the ultimate warm-weather meal, but thanks to our friends at ChefSteps — a food and technology company based in Seattle — they don't have to be reserved for summer afternoons. Today, co-founder Grant Crilly and the team hack the rib-smoking process to make it achievable in any home kitchen, even in a teensy apartment.

ChefSteps suggests peeling the tough membrane layer off of your rack of ribs before beginning the cooking process, to ensure the finished product is as juicy and tender as possible. Then, follow the experts' lead and employ a double dose of added flavor — first a sticky brush of molasses and liquid smoke, and later a sprinkle of spiced rub mixture — to mimic the slow-cooked, outdoor flavor from the comfort of your kitchen.

Watch the video above for a visual how-to, and follow along with the recipe on the ChefSteps website, here.

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