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Dallas Cowboys Drop $50K on Steak; Disney Vegetables Are Coming

Four things to know today

A selection of vegetables at a supermarket

Last night Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump had some unexpected company at dinner: each other. They both attended the annual Alfred E. Smith Dinner in NYC, where presidential candidates traditionally roast each other in the presence of Catholic Church leaders and political elite. No word on what anyone actually ate, though by all accounts the event was incredibly awkward.

In today’s food news: The Dallas Cowboys dropped $50K on a steak dinner; Star Wars-branded fresh produce is on the way; and even restaurant critics are frustrated by starred reviews.

— A receipt has surfaced from a recent Dallas Cowboys team dinner: The NFL players spent $54,494 on a single meal at high-end Dallas steakhouse Nick & Sam’s. Unfortunately the image of the receipt is pretty blurry, but it looks like quite a few shrimp cocktails and lots of caviar were involved.

— Will kids be more apt to eat vegetables that have Luke Skywalker or a Disney Princess on them? That’s apparently the idea behind a forthcoming line of Disney-branded fresh produce from Dole.

— If you find the star rating system for restaurant reviews puzzling, you’re not alone: Even food critics find them perplexing. LA Weekly critic Besha Rodell attempts to explain the rationale behind the paper’s star ratings. Essentially, they express how well a restaurant is accomplishing what it set out to do, “with a dash of value thrown in.”

— Finally, what happens when superheroes go to coffeeshops? If you’re Benedict Cumberbatch dressed up as Doctor Strange in Manhattan, not a whole lot:

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