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Did Eric Trump Steal Lemonade From In-N-Out?

The evidence points to yes

Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

With just 18 days to go till Decision 2016, a fresh Trump family scandal has emerged that has zero to do with sexual assault, federal income tax, or possible anti-Semitism: Is Donald Trump’s son Eric a fast-food beverage thief?

As Deadspin reports, a photo posted to Twitter yesterday captured Donald Trump’s third offspring at an In-N-Out restaurant in Las Vegas drinking what appears to be a cup of stolen lemonade.

Let us examine the evidence: In his left hand, the 35-year-old clutches a clear plastic cup filled with a bright yellow beverage. Unless there was a long line in the men’s restroom and Trump decided to relieve himself in a water cup, that is definitely the type of lemonade found at In-N-Out’s self-serve soda fountains; no other beverage served at the restaurant would fit the bill.

As numerous guides to In-N-Out’s “secret menu” explain, the chain serves its (free) water in clear plastic cups to distinguish it from the opaque, logo-bearing soda and milkshake cups.

And the man in the photo is definitely Eric Trump, not just some dude in a suit who happens to look like him: A photo tweeted by his wife Lara late Wednesday night confirms the duo dined at In-N-Out that night following the debate:

This photo also reveals that the restaurant definitely hadn’t run out of the aforementioned soda cups, so all the (admittedly limited) evidence points to the notion that Eric Trump — who has an estimated net worth of $150 million — is in fact drinking a pilfered cup of In-N-Out lemonade in that photo.

So who cares, right? Big deal, the son of a serious presidential candidate filled his water cup with something other than water. But in fact, swiping a beverage from a fast-food restaurant can occasionally have serious consequences: Just ask the guy who filled his water cup with soda at a McDonald’s in Arkansas and ended up being charged with felony robbery earlier this year after the franchise owner called the cops.

Eric Trump has yet to address the controversy on Twitter, instead continuing to retweet questionable polls that show his father leading Hillary Clinton by three points. Will this be the scandal that finally brings down the Republican candidate?

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