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Bad Hombre Tacos Are Made For 'Those With Small Hands'

Restaurants are having the last laugh

Donald Trump And Hillary Clinton Attend Alfred E. Smith Memorial Foundation Dinner Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Bad hombres aren’t likely to vote for Donald Trump in the forthcoming Presidential election, but they’re more than happy to make jokes at his expense. During Wednesday night’s third and final Presidential debate Trump said “we have some bad hombres here and we’re going to get them out.” Cue the internet backlash.

Trump’s remarks were, of course, offensive in that he demeaned a group of people in their native tongue. In true Trump fashion, he also mispronounced the word when he said “bad hambres,” the Spanish word for hunger. So perhaps it’s fitting that a number of restaurants are now profiting off the phrase, using it to sell tacos, cocktails, and burritos.

TMZ reports that the El Corazon taco truck in Portland, Maine sold out of its Bad Hombre Burrito just two hours after putting it on the menu Thursday morning.

This #tacotruck on the corner of Spring St is serving up a #badhombre burrito for today's special.

Posted by El Corazon on Thursday, October 20, 2016

Other restaurants having fun with the “bad hombres” label include The Grubhouse in Philadelphia, which is offering a Bad Hombre Breakfast Sandwich with chorizo, eggs, and jalapeño ketchup.

Grubhouse makes it on to TMZ with our Bad Hombre breakfast sandwich!!!!

Grubhouse 貼上了 2016年10月20日

Nashville’s Rosepepper Cantina has unveiled two new cocktails since the debate: the Bad Hombre with "very, very strong, believe me, Mezcal" and the Nasty Woman with potent, but well-aged tequila. (“Nasty Woman” is in reference to what Trump called Clinton during the debate on Wednesday.)

Come have a drink. Bring your favorite puppet. We don't judge. ❤️ #PeaceLoveAndQueso #RosepepperCantina #EastNashville #Nashville

Rosepepper Cantina 貼上了 2016年10月20日

A website called Bad Hombre Tacos has also cropped up in the wake of Wednesday’s debate. The site contains a photo of a taco truck emblazoned with a Clinton campaign logo, and a menu replete with a number of tacos: “The Donald” is said to be made for small hands and smothered in bigot sauce; “The Don Juniors” comes with bits of exotic animals and is drizzled with jerk sauce.

It’s unclear where the site originated, but it’s worth noting that it also contains links to register to vote, a video roundup of how some Trump supporters have spoken about Latinos, and a link to donate to Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

Mexican food and taco trucks have become somewhat symbolic throughout Trump’s campaign. On Cinco de Mayo, Trump tweeted a picture of himself digging in to a taco bowl, in a botched and ill-advised effort to prove his love for Hispanics. And in September, the leader of Latinos for Trump famously stated that if immigration were to go unchecked, America would have “a taco truck on every corner.” The statement immediately gave rise to a trending hashtag and countless memes and, earlier this week, a group of taco trucks protested the candidate, forming a wall surrounding his eponymous hotel in Vegas.

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