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The Eater Guide to Paris

Everything you need to eat in the City of Light

Paris is fantastic. That's really all there is to it. Travel tastes ebb and flow, trends rise and fall, but Paris remains: 100 square kilometers of the world's densest concentration of beauty, history, art, politics, and — of course — cuisine. From three-star Michelin sanctuaries to charming bistros to avant-garde dining destinations, the city offers something for every budget, taste, and appetite. There's a reason it's the most visited city on Earth.

Modern Paris is embracing both its French roots and international influences like never before. It’s still the best city to dive into a plate of classically prepared ris de veau, but it’s also where an expat Japanese chef creates a sensation serving next-level veal brains in a bar decorated with clowns. From macarons to canelés, the pastries are so perfect that you might consider skipping traditional meals entirely. Stellar natural wine bars abound, but there’s also the charming hauteur of Bar Hemingway at the Ritz. You can even (seriously) eat well at the Louvre. Book a ticket, brush up on your bonjours, and dive into the most iconic food city in the world.

(No really, book a ticket — Eater’s bringing this guide to life with a trip to Paris, brought to you by Black Tomato. See the itinerary and plan a food-filled trip now.)

Every Single Paris Arrondissement

Your guide to everything from the palatial boutiques (and actual palaces) in the premier to the city’s best Chinese cuisine and the unmissable cemeteries in the vingtième.

24 Perfect Hours in Paris

A one-day gastronomic whirlwind taking you through Paris's finest markets, restaurants, cafés, and culinary detours, from unimpeachable expert Alexander Lobrano.

Editors: Meghan McCarron, Helen Rosner, and Matt Buchanan
Copy editor: Marisa Robertson-Textor | Logo Illustration: Angie Wang
Contributors: Aaron Ayscough, Catherine Down, Charlotte Druckman, Sam Kim, Alexander Lobrano, Meghan McCarron, Helen Rosner, Deana Saukam, Ryan Sutton, and Lindsey Tramuta
Thanks to Sonia Chopra, Hillary Dixler, Erin DeJesus, Adam Goldberg, Mary Hough, Josh Laincz, Milly McGuinness, and Tammie Teclemariam

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