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Caramel-Filled M&Ms Roll Out Next May

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There’s a new M&M in town. The makers of America’s beloved candy-coated chocolate keep rolling out new varieties, and the latest version is filled with caramel and due out next May 2017.

The new candies will have M&Ms’ patented hard shell and milk chocolate around the caramel center, according to a release. In the grand scheme of M&M varieties, this new candy feels like a natural addition to the lineup. It’s hardly the oddest rendition to grace the shelves of grocery and convenience stores everywhere, ranking among peanut butter, peanut, and crispy in terms of being just different enough to draw in fans.

M&Ms have previously come in limited-edition varieties that contended with Oreos for wildest flavor, including coconut, coffee nut, birthday cake, candy corn, and the ever-trendy pumpkin spice, not to mention the world’s brush with spicy “chili nut” M&Ms.

The candies will be available in single-size pouches, as well as two sharing sizes for those who may be feeling particularly generous. A nearly 10-ounce stand-up pouch will best serve those who opt for fistfuls of candy at a time.

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