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Watch: Anthony Bourdain and Eric Ripert Get Spicy on the Next 'Parts Unknown'

Ripert finds Sichuanese food rather challenging

Anthony Bourdain is getting awfully spicy for season seven of Parts Unknown: He ate some alarmingly hot chicken in Nashville on a previous episode, and now, he's turning up the heat even further.

On this Sunday's episode, Bourdain travels to China's Sichuan province with his old pal Eric Ripert. We already know that the two get schooled in Sichuan cooking, but from the looks of the network's latest preview, they also snap selfies with panda statues, take a boat ride, and, of course, eat plenty of incredibly spicy food.

"Eric's never been to China before," says Bourdain. "Nor is he used to the elevated levels of, shall we say, the heat and spice. In fact, his delicate system totally can't handle what he's about to get." Expect a lot of "holy cow"s, "whoa"s, tears, nose-blowing, and blotting of sweaty foreheads as the Frenchman attempts to tackle the fiery cuisine.

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