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Alton Brown Prefers This Rhode Island Wiener Joint Over Per Se

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Just don't call them hot dogs here

On the heels of yesterday's episode of On Tour With Alton Brown — in which the star of "Eat Your Science" gets lost in Providence, Rhode Island looking for coffee — we catch back up with AB and the crew just in time for lunch for this next segment of the tour diary. Brown leads his crew to New York System, where they load up on topping-laden wieners, the regional specialty known as coffee milk, and Rhode Island-style french fries — food that AB says he'd take over dinner at Thomas Keller's high-dollar dining destination Per Se any day.

While on tour across the country, Brown uses social media to connect with his fans and ensure he's making the most of his brief stops in their towns. On the day the Eater Video team tags along, he puts a call out to his fans via a video message to request doughnuts from a spot he's heard a lot about, but knows he won't have time to visit. Will anyone show up at the designated drop site with a baker's dozen to save the day?

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