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Watch: Alton Brown Finds the Perfect Cortado in Providence, RI

The "Eat Your Science" star lets fans tell him where to eat and drink on tour

Eater Video's behind-the-scenes look at a day on tour with Alton Brown continues in today's segment, as the culinary phenomenon and star of "Alton Brown Live: Eat Your Science" seeks out a very needed cup (or two, or seven) of coffee. Nothing can stand in Brown's way on his quest for caffeine, except maybe Google Maps and a penchant for wandering.

Using his social media campaign hashtag #ABRoadEats, Brown and his tour crew hit up local cafes, coffee shops, and restaurants based on suggestions from his fans. In Providence, RI, this means stopping for a cortado at Bolt Coffee Co. and a latte at The Shop, and planning an afternoon excursion for New England-style wieners. Watch the video above to see #ABRoadEats in action, and click here to see the first episode in the series, where Brown charms the city of Providence one selfie (and a few drone shots) at a time.

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