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TipsForJesus Strikes Again by Dropping Five Grand in Chicago

It was one server's lucky day

The loaded do-gooders behind TipsForJesus have returned to make another restaurant server’s day. Someone from the anonymous group stopped by the Captain Morgan Club at Wrigley Field in Chicago on October 8, and after racking up a $2,280 tab, they left an eye-popping $5,000 gratuity.

Thanks Kathleen! #OleGiants #WrigleyField #SeeYouThursdayForGame5 #tipsforjesus #godbless

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It’s been a while since a TipsForJesus diner has decided to shell out some serious cash. The last sighting came in early August, when someone from the group left a $5,000 tip on a $311 tab at a Utah steakhouse. As with previous mega-tips, the latest was written on a credit card receipt — flashing that much cash would be uncouth — and it came with a sports-related message. Obviously, the big spender is a San Francisco Giants fan cheering against the Chicago Cubs in the ongoing Major League Baseball playoffs.

While TipsForJesus has been documenting its coast-to-coast generosity on Instagram since 2012, the group claims it's been dolling out big tips at bars and restaurants for at least a decade.

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