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Stephen Colbert's BLT Rant Is the Best Thing You'll Watch All Day

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Colbert, our hero, eats BLT sandwiches for breakfast.

Poor, poor Stephen Colbert. Last night on the Late Show Colbert explained that he eats BLT sandwiches for breakfast, because he's brilliant and because he can. Sadly, his most recent breakfast was ruined by the absence of the "T": "A BLT without the T is just a BL, it's BL-eh." Colbert calls it an abomination: "What did we fight at Lexington and Concord for. Just rip the constitution off the Statue of Liberty and erase the map on the back because the American experiment has failed — No! You're the one who's over-reacting." Colbert tries to get over it and move on with pertinent political news, but he can't let it go. Hilariously, he continues to explain why the absence of the "T" is an insult to him personally. Watch Colbert march out of the studio and into David Letterman's favorite deli, staffed by Rupert Jee. Colbert is relentless. Watch as Jee stammers through an explanation for this epic sandwich snafu, and comes up with a solution. The show must go on.

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